Early diagnosis and treatment are essential to prevent or minimize the uncontrolled inflammation that can lead to joint damage and even disability. Patients must have access to rheumatologists within recommended timeframes, yet geography affects how quickly a patient can be seen. Outside of major metropolitan areas and specific regions, the number available thins, sometimes to zero. This shortage also adds to the costs incurred by patients — not only do they pay for direct health care costs; they also pay for travel and time away from school and work.

To close this gap, we are leading the way by expanding the number of fellowship opportunities for rheumatologists, focusing on communities with the most significant shortages. Our patient-centered approach allows doctors to get to know their community and what their patients really need, including Foundation resources that can help them.

Clinical Rheumatology Fellowships 2022

  • Baylor College of Medicine, TX, Pediatrics
  • Duke University, NC, Pediatrics/Adult combined
  • University of California San Francisco, Adult (renewal)
  • University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, MN, Pediatrics (renewal)

Past Fellowships

2021 Clinical Rheumatology Fellowships

  • Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, PA, Pediatrics/Adult combined
  • Hackensack University Medical Center, NJ, Pediatrics
  • University of Alabama at Birmingham, AL, Pediatrics
  • University of Colorado, Denver, CO, Adult

2020 Clinical Rheumatology Fellowships

  • Children’s Hospital Colorado (University of Colorado, Denver), CO, Pediatrics
  • Duke University, NC, Pediatrics
  • Seattle Children’s Hospital (University of Washington), WA, Pediatrics
  • University of California San Francisco, CA, Pediatrics
  • University of Florida, FL, Pediatrics

2019 Clinical Rheumatology Fellowships

  • State University of New York, Downstate Medical Center, NY, Adult
  • University of Arizona, AZ, Adult
  • University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, MN, Pediatrics
  • Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital (Vanderbilt University Medical Center), TN, Pediatrics

2018 Clinical Rheumatology Fellowships

  • Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health, IN, Pediatrics
  • University of Alabama at Birmingham, AL, Adult
  • University of California Los Angeles, CA, Pediatrics
  • University of California San Francisco, CA, Adult
  • University of Washington, WA, Adult

Clinical Rheumatology Legacy Awards

  • Stanford University, CA, Pediatrics
  • University of California San Francisco, CA Pediatrics
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DEI Awards

DEI Awards

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