Young People Share Their Perspectives on Growing Up With Arthritis

A chronic illness like childhood arthritis or other pediatric rheumatic condition can affect every kid, teen and young adult differently. But many of them often express similar thoughts and feelings about their disease and what they’ve experienced, including struggles with isolation, loneliness and being misunderstood. Hear what some young patients have to say about the challenges they’ve faced and how they’ve made the best of their circumstances.

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JA Families

For families living with arthritis and related diseases, the Arthritis Foundation is a refuge. Easily find life-changing resources and meet other families and experts who understand. Best of all, know you’re not alone.

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JA Connect Group

There are others in your local community who understand. Connect virtually to make new friends, share tips and get answers and support.

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JA Patient Education & Resources

Get all the information you need to know about juvenile arthritis, including how it affects the joints and other parts of the body, best treatments, pain management techniques, programs and resources, and more.

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Living With Juvenile Arthritis

No two children with juvenile arthritis experience the exact same symptoms or struggles. The treatment approaches, needs and wants of each child and family can differ, too. From medications and meals, to pain management and school solutions, this expert information can help you best support your child with JA and family.

About Juvenile Arthritis

Get the tools you need to conquer arthritis. Track your symptoms, nutrition, medications and more.

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Managing JA requires working with your child’s care team to develop a comprehensive treatment plan. Learn about your child’s options.

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Managing Pain

Learn what drives your child’s pain and other symptoms and how to manage them in various ways, from medications to complementary therapies, and more.

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JA Medical Decisions

JA can bring up tough decisions – from choosing a doctor to selecting the right treatment plan. Learn how to make the best choices for your child.

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For children with JA, a balanced diet is key for healthy development and living well. Get healthy eating tips for your child and the entire family.

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Physical Activity

Staying active with JA isn’t just possible – it’s necessary for staying strong and healthy. Learn the best exercises for your child.

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Emotional Wellbeing

Growing up is hard enough, let alone with a chronic disease. Learn ways to help your child through the emotional challenges of living with JA.

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Family & Relationships

Coping with JA can be difficult for everyone involved. Learn how to help you and your family deal with the ups and downs of arthritis.

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Health Coverage

Better understand health coverage options and choose the right plan for your child’s needs. Reduce costs and find financial assistance programs.

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JA Camps

JA camps provide a secure camping and learning environment for children and teens. Campers develop improved confidence and self-advocacy skills to help better manage their arthritis.

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JA Power Pack

Our Power Pack provides tools to help you and your child more confidently navigate the journey with JA. Designed for three different age groups, each provides life-changing information and more.

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Guidance for Transitions

The transition from adolescence to adulthood is a big step. Get resources to ease the process, from transitioning out of pediatric care into adult care, to choosing a career and college, and more.

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School and College

Set Your Child Up for Success

Students with JA may face additional challenges, but arthritis doesn’t have to affect school performance. Learn which rights protect your child and develop a plan to ensure an equal education.

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Set Your Child Up for Success

Aspen Is Winning the Arthritis Fight

Diagnosed with arthritis as a toddler, Aspen has flourished with her parents’ help and natural supplements. Her mother says, “Keep trying and never give up. We can face it.”

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Anything’s Possible if You Believe

JIA threw her a curveball, but Jenna hasn’t let it hold her back. She’s aiming to fulfill her dream of playing college softball and practices every day to make it come true.

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Lesson Learned: No One Is an Island

Growing up with arthritis, Joshua figured out ways to empower himself and now heads to graduate school supported by an Arthritis Champions Scholarship award.

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