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The Arthritis Foundation created a one-of-a-kind podcast; hosted by patients, for patients. Explore the episode topics below, tune in and take control of your arthritis.


A healthy diet is key to living well with arthritis but knowing what to eat can get confusing. Hear from nutrition experts about the best foods and habits to help you thrive.

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Emotional Wellbeing & Relationships

A healthy mind and support system can help you cope and feel better with arthritis. Learn about the mind-body connection and behaviors that promote emotional wellbeing.

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Pain Management

From complementary therapies and treatments, to lifestyle habits and psychological techniques, discover unique and proven ways to take control of arthritis pain.

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Physical Activity

Sometimes movement is the best medicine. Get moving with expert tips and learn strategies to help you stay motivated, even on painful days with arthritis.

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Disease Management

Take control of your arthritis by learning more about your disease and ways to stay healthy, including treatments, infection risk management and related conditions.

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Access to Medical Care

Learn how to navigate common health care challenges, including insurance coverage hurdles, telemedicine, surgery prep and more.

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A juvenile arthritis diagnosis can affect the entire family. Find out ways to support your loved ones and your child with arthritis for a healthier, happier home life.

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Latest Podcast Episode

Biosimilars: What to Expect

Tune in to learn more about these biologic drugs, how they compare with brand-name biologics, and why it’s important in 2023.

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Biosimilars: What to Expect
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