OACS Forum Series and Conference

The top clinical research scientists and experts come together online to discuss advances in OA science

OACS Program

Advancing OA science by convening the top OA clinical research scientists and experts.

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2021 OACS Conf: Ankles + Feet

A split 2-day online conference on December 3 and December 10 with a focus on OA in the ankles and feet.

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"Muscles Matter in OA"

A panel of leading OA experts discusses the importance of strengthening muscles that support the knee joints, using interventions tailored individually to patient needs.

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2020 OACS Forum Series

Facilitating conversations in OA clinical research by the renowned leaders in the field is among the Arthritis Foundation’s highest priorities. Watch Recordings from our Program.

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"RA Biologics in OA"

Panelists explain why biologics used in rheumatoid arthritis might be effective in osteoarthritis, plus review evidence that shows both disappointments and a glimmer of hope.

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More OA Resources

More people have osteoarthritis than any other form of arthritis. Check out these resources to learn more about OA and the search for solutions.

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