Newly Diagnosed

An arthritis diagnosis can feel overwhelming. But there are steps you can take to empower yourself to best manage your arthritis, so you can get back to doing what you love. Learning about your arthritis, starting the right treatment, making healthy lifestyle choices and more can all help ease pain and symptoms so you can live your best life. Use the information provided here to get started and take control of your health.

Take Control

A new diagnosis can raise a lot of questions about the future, but there are things you can do to combat the uncertainty and loss of control.

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Telling Others

On top of managing your disease, knowing who to tell and how much about your new diagnosis can be challenging. These tips can help.

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Patient-Doctor Relationship

An effective treatment plan starts with a productive relationship with your health care provider. These tips can help you establish trust between you and your doctor for the best care possible.

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Your Health, Your Coverage

Understanding how to get coverage and access to health care is key when you're newly diagnosed. Use these resources to help get the care you need.

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While medical care is key, you play a big role in controlling your arthritis and staying as healthy as possible. These self-management tips can help you successfully manage your disease.

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Newly Diagnosed Booklet

Part of managing arthritis is educating yourself as much as possible about the various treatments, lifestyle practices and medications that can help you stay healthy. This booklet is a good start.

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What You Need to Know
Newly Diagnosed?

What You Need to Know

Get guidance in this 4-part podcast series on building your health care team, hear words of wisdom from other patients and learn how to control the physical and emotional tolls arthritis can take.

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Words Of Wisdom

Patients Like You

A new diagnosis can feel overwhelming and lonely, but you don’t have to navigate this journey alone. There’s a community of people who truly understand what you are going through, physically, mentally and emotionally. Listen to some words of wisdom that patients like you wish they had known when they were first diagnosed.

Understanding Arthritis

Learn what to expect from your disease, practical tips to help you manage it and other useful information.

Virtual Connect Groups

There are others in your local community who understand. Connect virtually to make new friends, share tips and get answers and support.

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Your Exercise Solution

Movement is medicine and Your Exercise Solution is a resource to help you create a physical activity routine — based on your ability level — with modifications developed by physical therapists.

Get Moving

Contact Our Helpline

Staffed by licensed, clinical social workers, our Helpline helps thousands of people like you. Whatever you need, we are here for you.

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Partners for the Newly Diagnosed

Special thanks to Supporting Sponsors who help people with arthritis better understand and manage their disease.

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