By participating in Live Yes! INSIGHTS, you’re helping break down barriers to care, accelerate research and provide resources that make a difference in people’s lives, including your own. Thousands of arthritis patients have already contributed their eye-opening accounts. Make your voice count, too — for yourself and the whole arthritis community. Speak Up!

Live Yes! INSIGHTS informs programs, tools and resources.

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How It Hurts
How It Hurts

How It Hurts

Reflecting nearly 40,000 survey results, this report shows that arthritis pain is not just a number on a pain scale; it impacts every aspect of life and well-being.

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Your insights will lead to more effective care for adults living with arthritis, develop programs that meet your community’s needs and shape a powerful agenda that fights for you.

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Learn More: Children with Arthritis

Input from parents of children ages 5-17 demonstrates the impact of JA — and helps the Arthritis Foundation plan research, and develop new resources and customized local programming.

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Who can participate?

There are two studies included in the Live Yes! INSIGHTS program – one aimed at people living with arthritis that are 18 years old and over, and another aimed at parents of children , aged 5-17, that live with juvenile arthritis. Periodically, we follow up with Insights participants to explore emerging trends in our data with deeper dive surveys.

What information will I be giving?

The questionnaire is designed to capture responses directly from you about a symptom or some other important aspect of how arthritis affects your daily function and mobility.

Will filling it out take long?

Answering the questions takes most people about 10 - 15 minutes; some finish more quickly, and some take more time.

Will my information be private?

Your information will be stored in a secure database maintained by the Arthritis Foundation’s vendor, Qualtrics. It is protected at the same level as banking data. The Arthritis Foundation will never share or allow access to data that is tied to your name or identifying information. Data will only be shared in big batches, called “aggregate” data, with no names, addresses, emails or other personal information connected.

Do I take the survey only once?

You can take the survey as often as you like. You will receive email reminders to take it again so you can capture your arthritis experience at different points in time.

What will happen to the data you gather?

The aggregated results will show a composite picture of life with arthritis, the needs of people who are living with the disease and what their priorities are. The Arthritis Foundation will use the data and share it with our research and innovation partners to conduct research and increase our knowledge about arthritis.

Can I share the survey with my community?

Share the following message and graphic on social media and in emails with other patients in your network. When you do, you act as an “influencer,” helping us grow our program and build robust data that can make a meaningful impact on our programs, resources and legislative asks. Make sure to tag the Arthritis Foundation in your post!

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Add your voice. Stand together and be heard. Share your realities of living with arthritis by participating in the Arthritis Foundation’s Live Yes! INSIGHTS assessment and help change the future of arthritis. Give 10 minutes today for a better tomorrow by clicking here to participate in the survey.


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I measure my pain by the things that I can no longer do. When my son was first born, my arthritis flared so badly, I was a five on the pain scale every day. That pain meant that I could not hold my newborn son.

Stacy C

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