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Traditionally thought of as a disease related to aging and "wear and tear," osteoarthritis (OA) is now recognized as a disease of the whole joint. By far the most common form of arthritis, OA does not yet have any drugs that can slow or modify the disease, but there are effective therapies.

Everyone’s experience living with OA is different, but having information, resources and support can help you navigate your journey with this disease, whether you’ve been recently diagnosed or you’re a veteran of this disease. Explore this site to learn more about OA and what to expect when you’re diagnosed, as well as treatments and how to conquer everyday challenges. You’ll find support from others living with OA, ways to stay active and manage your disease, opportunities to advocate for yourself and others – so you can say Yes to living with OA.

OA is by far the most common form of arthritis, affecting more than 32.5 million Americans.

About half of knees with ACL injuries develop OA within 5 to 15 years.

78 million Americans are projected to have OA by the year 2040.

Treating OA Is a Journey

Osteoarthritis may mean major surgery in your future. But first, there are options.

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Learn About Pain Meds for Osteoarthritis

Understand the pros and cons of different medicines for OA pain.

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Guidelines for Osteoarthritis Treatments

Understand what medications and other treatments your doctor may recommend for your osteoarthritis, based on American College of Rheumatology guidelines.

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Questions to Ask Your Doctor When You Have Osteoarthritis

Download this checklist of questions for your doctor so you can better understand your osteoarthritis, what therapies you might receive and what to expect.

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News & Stories

OACS Forum: Exercise Behavior for OA

In this OA Clinical Studies Forum, experts discuss exercise behavior modifications for osteoarthritis.

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In Search of Drugs for Osteoarthritis

Experts tackle obstacles to developing new drugs for the most common form of arthritis.

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Nick Steen

Better treatments are needed for the millions of people affected by arthritis pain, like Nick Steen and his daughter.

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Living Well With Osteoarthritis

Slowing Osteoarthritis Progression

Learn about healthy lifestyle choices that can help ease joint pain and keep OA from getting worse.

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OA Diagnosis: Why Weight Loss Matters

Reaching a healthy weight eases the pain of osteoarthritis and may even help slow the disease.

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Help & Support

Arthritis Foundation Helpline

Our experienced Helpline team understands OA and is here to answer your questions. Call or email us for help in English or Spanish.

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Recently Diagnosed?

If you were recently diagnosed, you may feel overwhelmed and alone. Get tips that can help you manage your disease.

Helpful Tips & Resources
Get Connected with a Community

Connecting with others in your local community who understand what it's like to live with arthritis is life-changing. Find a connect group near you to make new friends, share tips and get support.

Movement is Medicine

Fitness Solutions for Arthritis

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